About Carol

Carol’s personalized travel consulting allows clients to focus on the adventure and joy of travel.

Carol’s travel business allows clients to get the benefit of her travel experience, contacts, attention to detail, and appreciation of cuisine, culture, and active sightseeing. Carol not only loves travel (and cooking, reading, biking and hiking), but she is also devoted to researching and planning customized itineraries that perfectly match the interests of her clients.

Carol is affiliated with Travel Experts, a member of Virtuoso®. Virtuoso® is the foremost luxury travel network in the world, and includes over 1,300 of the finest travel providers on the planet–including airlines, cruise lines, destinations, hotels, tour operators, on-site services, and specialty companies. This means that you get the best quality, value, amenities and attention when you travel.

Since launching her travel business in 2012, Carol has deepened her knowledge through travel to France, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Alaska and Peru and various other destinations in the USA and abroad. She regularly attends travel conferences to keep her knowledge and contacts up to date.

Carol has planned adventures for her clients in the British Isles, Amsterdam, Norway, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, and more.

Before designing her dream job as a travel consultant, Carol’s profession life has included stints as a lawyer, a school board member, a soccer mom, a PTA president, and a fundraiser for public schools in her community. She is married to Luther (the unofficial photographer for the business). Carol and Luther do their best to combine travel with visits to their five children (who are grown now and traveling on their own)!

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