Services & Fees

What Carol can do for you…

Customized services include:

  • Researching options for destinations and activities, and giving advice and recommendations;
  • Presenting an array of choices for unique destinations, accommodations, restaurants and activities (cooking classes, hikes, bike rides and more);
  • Making the bookings you choose, including air, car, hotel and activities, all customized for you;
  • Designing a tailored Destination Guide with personalized recommendations before you go; and
  • If you need more, just ask!

What it might cost…

Just as the travel experiences that Carol designs are personalized, so are the fees charged. Fees can range from flat rates for straightforward itineraries to hourly fees with a maximum cap for more complex, multi-destination journeys. For example, airfare booking charges are $50 per person for domestic flights and $80 for international flights. Planning fees generally range from $250-500, depending on the trip.

There will be no surprises—all fees are discussed with you in advance and you won’t be charged without your prior agreement.

If you’d like to find out more about services and fees, just contact Carol.