Puglia & Basilicata: “New” Destinations in “Old” Italy

It’s time to update your Italy bucket list to include Puglia (particularly the towns of Lecce, Ostuni, Alberobello and Polignano a Mare) and the town of Matera in the region of Basilicata (Matera is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its historical center called “Sassi”). Puglia is in southern Italy on the Adriatic Coast, … Read morePuglia & Basilicata: “New” Destinations in “Old” Italy

The Romance of the Amalfi Coast, Italy

It’s hard to resist at least a short visit to Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Positano, Ravello and the town of Amalfi are all popular and breathtaking. If you can, avoid the summer months (spring and fall are a bit less crowded). A driver is recommended–you can relax and enjoy the views along the coast and leave … Read moreThe Romance of the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Perspectives on South Africa

A recent visit to South Africa had some eerie similarities to favorite haunts in Northern California: Stunning, fog-draped city by the bay (Cape Town vs. San Francisco) Vibrant waterfront (Victoria & Albert vs. Fisherman’s Wharf & Ghirardelli); Former island prison and museum that are now popular tourist attractions (Robben Island/Apartheid Museum vs. Alcatraz); Internationally recognized … Read morePerspectives on South Africa