travel resources

Favorite Websites and Apps

One reason to use a travel professional is because the Internet provides a wealth (some think an overload) of information. And, it can be difficult to evaluate the trustworthiness of sites. Here are a few favorite websites and smartphone apps you may want to check out either before or after calling Carol Orton Travel:

Air Schedules and Pricing:Rome2Rio and ITA Matrix Airfare Search are both great sites for figuring out flight schedules, which airlines fly where, and ballpark pricing. Neither of these sites are designed for purchasing airfare, rather they allow you to research options so you are better prepared if you want to use miles for airfare, or if you want to research options. 

Keeping Tabs On Flight Schedules: Use FlightTrack is to get real-time status on flight timing, gates, delays and cancellations. It has good quality maps to track your flight status in air, and covers 16,000 airports worldwide. There is a paid version with more bells and whistles.

Making Your Flight More Comfortable: Check out SeatGuru. You can input your flight information and get feedback on which seats are the best (and worst) for whatever flight you’re considering.

Organizing and Sharing Travel Details: TripCase is a good app (and website) for keeping track of travel. TripCase holds information in the “cloud” and will update automatically update your account so that you can check your smartphone, ipad, or website for itinerary details.